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Chinese Whispers

May 2017, at the World Heritage Site Visitor Centre, Durham

Members of the Guild visited The Quilters Guild Museum, in York, a few years ago, where there had been a Quilted Chinese Whispers project. Inspired  by this project, they took the idea back to Guild members in Durham.

In December 2015, twelve members signed up for the challenge to produce twelve images using fibres and

/ or yarn.

The first member of the group took inspiration from a photo, taken from Durham’s World Heritage Site, of the "Daily Bread" window (designed by Mark Angus) in Durham Cathedral. Each person was allowed six weeks to complete their item. The completed textile had to measure 30cm x 30cm and to fit in to a frame 50cm x50cm. Once she had completed her piece, a photograph of her work was sent on to the next volunteer but not the original image. No-one was allowed to reveal or discuss their work until April 2017, when they all came together, to put all the pieces in order of completion. It was then and only then, that everyone saw the original image and the journey the project had taken. Beside each picture are a few words from the maker about what it was that inspired them to make their own piece and also about the processes used.

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