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We're meeting face to face again

On Saturday 4th September we met for our first face to face workshop since February 2020!

Ruth Thompson of Sylvan Skills, Willow Weaver, ran our workshop at Nettlesworth Community Centre to create garden obelisks.

Not our usual venue because we hadn't received clearance to meet at St Oswald's Church Hall in Durham - but that is a temporary situation and we're back at St Oswald's on October2nd.

It was an amazingly physical day; the ten of us who had signed up for the workshop worked in pairs to create both large - about 6 feet, and small, 4 feet tall, willow obelisks ready for our climbing roses, beans or maybe sweet peas.

But what was so good about the day was that we had some new faces who got in touch via this website who brought spinning wheels, inkle looms, knitting and felting. So it feels like we are really getting back to 'normal'.


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